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Homese asiaThe purrfect ring bearer: Cat steals limelight at Malaysian wedding

The purrfect ring bearer: Cat steals limelight at Malaysian wedding

A cat stole the limelight at a wedding in Malaysia when the feline calmly rode a remote control (RC) car to deliver a pair of rings to the bride and groom.

A TikTok of the cat, named Lily, at the Sept 9 wedding in Selangor has gone viral, with over 2.4 million views. The clip was posted by Malaysian TV host, Mr Fedtri Yahya, who was the emcee at the ceremony.

The white long-haired cat belongs to an orthopaedic surgeon, whom Mr Fedtri identified as Dr Ayuni, who was the bride and wanted her beloved pet to play a key role at her wedding reception.

As such, the fluffy feline was drafted in to take on the role of a ring bearer during the wedding ceremony.

Mr Fedtri’s TikTok showed Lily, decked out in baby pink ribbon and a harness, sitting on a silver RC convertible car as the vehicle slowly makes it way down the white carpet with amused guests applauding in the background.

Wearing a baby pink ribbon and harness and resembling the character Marie in Disney’s The Aristocats animated film, Lily can been seen looking at her surroundings in curiosity.

A box with the rings were placed on the vehicle’s hood. Lily’s harness appeared to be tied to the steering wheel, and that could be the reason why she did not jump out of the vehicle.

The car finally stopped near the stage where the bride and groom were seated, before an usher then took the rings.

Mr Fedtri also shared a snippet of his script on X, formerly known as Twitter, which showed his cue to invite Lily, who has heterochromia, or different-coloured eyes, to enter the hall bearing the rings.

“Wow something new to me,” wrote Mr Fedtri on the social media platform.

Commentators were impressed at how Lily performed her task purrfectly, with many saying their cats would not have been so well-behaved.

“If this is my cat, it would have run like Usain Bolt,” said one commentator on TikTok with the handle Ciksu Ain, referring to the Jamaican sprinter who set several world records.

Another commentator known as Oween said his cat would have pooped in the car even before reaching the wedding venue.

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