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Homese asiaMalaysia Edition: RTS sparks interest in JB property | Covid-19 cases rise 

Malaysia Edition: RTS sparks interest in JB property | Covid-19 cases rise 

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The much-anticipated Rapid Transit System linking Johor Bahru and Singapore will only be ready by end-2026, but there is already optimism that the rail shuttle will boost the southern state’s economy. Developers reported that interest around the Bukit Chagar station has soared this year, potentially easing Johor’s deep property overhang.

Elsewhere, the annual year-end floods have not been as destructive as before, displacing only a few thousand people mainly in the east coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu, instead of hundreds of thousands in previous years. Still, there have been some alarming incidents, such as a landslide just outside Kuala Lumpur which swallowed four cars.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 is on the rise, with over 20,000 cases reported last week. For now, the government is reinstating track-and-trace protocols but not lockdowns or mask mandates.

Experts, however, are encouraging the public to take their own precautions, by getting vaccine boosters, masking up and avoiding crowds.

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Visible progress of RTS Link draws buyers to Johor Bahru properties

The shuttle service between Singapore and JB is expected to ease congestion on the Causeway.


Malaysia not reinstating lockdown restrictions despite rise in Covid-19 cases: Health minister

The Health Ministry hopes the country can deal with the situation without resorting to restrictions.


Meta, TikTok report jump in Malaysian requests to restrict content

Malaysia made more requests to restrict content on TikTok than any other government in South-east Asia.


Halal bakeries can pen Christmas greetings on cakes, says Malaysia’s religious affairs minister

A cake house purportedly told staff not to write Merry Christmas on their cakes to meet halal requirements.


Mobile Legends world championship to skip Singapore, as M6 event moves to Malaysia

Fan turnout and government support were cited as key factors for event organisers.


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