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Homese asiaMalaysian motorcyclist fined for using ‘world’s smallest number plate’

Malaysian motorcyclist fined for using ‘world’s smallest number plate’

The Malaysian police have fined a motorcyclist whose vehicle had a number plate the size of a finger.

The authorities were conducting an operation to tackle traffic violations in Selangor state – Shah Alam, Cyberjaya, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya – when they came across the motorcycle with the microscopic registration plate, according to a Sept 2 post on the Road Transport Department’s Facebook page.

The Malaysian authorities allow certain modifications of car and vehicle plates.

However, the owner of the motorcycle in question had modified its plate to such an extent that its numbers were barely visible.

Many netizens described it as the “world’s smallest number plate”.

According to Malaysia’s Road Transport Act 1987, using a confusing, obscured number plate that does not meet the prescribed specifications is an offence.

Fines range between RM300 (S$90) and RM3,000.

Other motorcyclists have been caught for similar offences too.

In mid-August, a teen was arrested for using the registration number “Nasty Port Flow” for his motorcycle, reported Sinar Daily.

Another motorcyclist was arrested for a similar offence in April. His number plate had the words “Sayang awok” (love you).

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