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Homese asiaMalaysian Chinese boy wins over the Internet with fluent Tamil

Malaysian Chinese boy wins over the Internet with fluent Tamil

A Malaysian Chinese boy has won over the Internet with his ability to speak Tamil fluently.

The boy, Kai Kai, has gone viral on TikTok after he appeared in several videos posted by his neighbour Kartik Suresh.

A clip featuring Kai Kai discussing how to make mango lassi with Mr Suresh in Tamil has clocked more than two million views since last Friday.

In the video, Kai Kai suggests to Mr Suresh that adding apples and grapes in the drink would make it sweeter. He then asks Mr Suresh’s mother if she has any apples at home, addressing her affectionately as Amma, the Tamil word for mother.

He continues his conversation with Mr Suresh in Tamil, making jokes and giving suggestions as they prepare the lassi with the juice blender together.

Kai Kai has impressed many netizens with his Tamil language skills.

One TikTok user, who is of Malay and Indian heritage, said Kai Kai speaks Tamil better than him.

Kai Kai is also very close to Mr Suresh’s mother. In a video posted in July 2022, the toddler is seen complaining to his “Amma” when Mr Suresh declined to give him a drink and pizza.

The heartwarming clip garnered more than 2.7 million views.

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