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Homese asiaMaking ‘money’: Malaysian woman receives hand-drawn notes in wedding hongbao

Making ‘money’: Malaysian woman receives hand-drawn notes in wedding hongbao

A Malaysian woman was stunned to find two hand-drawn bank notes while unpacking hongbaos from her wedding.

A TikTok of the two self-scrawled bills, posted by user Jihaaaaa11 on Monday (Sept 11), has gone viral with over 1.3 million views.

In the video, the woman can be seen holding a stack of ringgit notes she received from her wedding on Sept 10, with a caption stating that she was counting the amount received from guests.

The camera then pans to show two hand-drawn RM20 (S$5.82) notes, which appear to be designed with colour pencils and crayons.

The back of the orange notes were even covered in detailed drawings of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle and leatherback turtle that feature on the real ringgit notes.

“Is this new money? This person’s brain is advanced,” she wrote on the social media platform.

“I thought hongbao with tissues or empty ones are already bad, but turns out there are worse,” she added, with a laughing emoji.

Some commenters were amused with the hand-drawn notes, and even praised the effort of the artist.

“This person put in more effort in drawing money than finding it,” quipped user dampuri09.

Others felt that the woman should not expect money from her wedding guests.

User ummukhairahmamats said: “When you expect (hongbao) this is what happens… you should be sincere and have intentions to be charitable when you invite guests.”

Another commentator known as tiqa2408 said that the the artist’s gesture was not made with negative intent.

She said: “There are some people out there who do not have the means, but do not want to come to the wedding empty-handed… It’s not their intention to deceive.”

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