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HometransportMP Tin Pei Ling leaving Grab after 7 months for fintech firm

MP Tin Pei Ling leaving Grab after 7 months for fintech firm

SINGAPORE – MP Tin Pei Ling has called it quits at ride-hailing giant Grab Singapore – barely half a year after assuming a corporate development role in the company.

In her LinkedIn post on Thursday, Ms Tin said she would be joining a fintech company that “aims to pioneer innovative advancements in the payment industry”, starting Oct 1. “I will take on a leadership role in strategic partnerships and business development,” she wrote. “I am excited that this new role will give me the opportunity to support the company’s product innovation efforts and expansion into key Asia-Pacific markets.”

When contacted by The Straits Times on Thursday, Ms Tin declined to say which fintech company she was joining, or whether it was local, regional or international. “Sorry, it’s an agreement I have with the (fintech) company,” she said, adding that she could not say more than what she has in her LinkedIn post.

Grab issued a statement confirming Ms Tin’s departure, in response to queries.

“We confirm that Tin Pei Ling will be leaving Grab to pursue a new role in strategic partnership and business development,” the statement said. “We fully support Pei Ling’s aspiration to take on a more front-facing role and look forward to her continued championing of tech innovation in Singapore.”

Ms Tin, who is MP for MacPherson, made waves when she joined Grab in January as its Singapore director of public affairs and policy.

After a public uproar centred on whether the move would lead to a conflict of interest with her MP role, Grab moved her to a corporate development position in February.

Grab said Ms Tin had made “valuable contributions here, supporting key projects and investments”.

In her post on Thursday, Ms Tin said she has had “an invaluable experience” at Grab. “It was an opportunity for me to return to the private sector, to broaden my horizons, hone new skills and allow me to make a contribution in a different way.”

Dr David Leong, managing director of human resource advisory and search firm PeopleWorldwide Consulting, said Ms Tin’s “abrupt exit raises eyebrows”.

“Whether it was a misalignment of expectations or internal organisational challenges that led to her short tenure remains uncertain,” he said. “Nonetheless, as an MP, Ms Tin’s professional moves continue to be under close public observation.”

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