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HometechReduced latency, high-quality streaming and better security: How moving data closer to...

Reduced latency, high-quality streaming and better security: How moving data closer to the edge meets changing demands of the digital consumer

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the surge in Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices has ushered in a new era of connectivity. This shift is generating massive amounts of data that require real-time processing and analysis. Industries, such as retail, are striving to meet customer demands by providing robust and user-friendly e-commerce platforms that offer convenient, personalised experiences, and secure transactions. Additionally, the swift rise in entertainment demands, like AR gaming and video streaming, has led to a marked increase in bandwidth requirements and heightened quality expectations from end-users.

Consumers nowadays rightly demand the highest quality experiences that top providers strive to offer. With the increased number of converged services, customers will quickly switch to alternative service providers if their expectations are not met.

Delivering high-quality user experiences

To address these mounting demands, service providers are turning to edge services. These services allow them to process data closer to its source, resulting in enhanced performance, heightened security, and real-time insights across various applications and industries. By harnessing edge computing, service providers can offer superior user experiences, characterised by reduced latency, increased responsiveness, and optimised network resources.

To optimise performance, service providers are moving towards co-locating their content closer to the network’s edge. Co-locating data ensures high-performance delivery of content and services to end-users, whilst leveraging a data centre or Edge facility’s reliable infrastructure and connectivity.

This strategy presents a cost-effective and scalable solution for service providers to roll out and manage their edge services. Recognising this need, TM Global, the wholesale business arm of Telekom Malaysia (TM), has set up edge facilities and strategically positioned nodes throughout Malaysia and the Asean region. This move effectively addresses the requirements of service providers seeking high-performance content delivery.

Moreover, TM Global’s Edge suite of solutions is designed to boost service providers’ ability to deliver an enhanced user experience. This is achieved by reducing latency, speeding up load times and ensuring high-quality streaming. With the backing of over 90 Content Delivery Network nodes, 32 subsea cable systems spanning more than 340,000 km worldwide with over 80 Tbps of capacity, and 29 points-of-presence globally, TM Edge Content Delivery services offer reliable, diverse, and continuous connectivity not just in the Asean region, but worldwide.

Furthermore, TM Global’s Edge Compute Platform (ECP) enables the rollout of distributed edge infrastructure that brings computation and data storage closer to end-users’ locations. This closer proximity drastically reduces latency, resulting in an overall better user experience.

For instance, the field of AR gaming, which is rapidly gaining traction, is emerging as one of the industries poised to benefit immensely from edge solutions. TM Global is primed to support developers and service providers in this fast expanding industry via its Edge Gaming service. This offering particularly caters to the demand for placing game data closer to players, ensuring low-latency experiences and setting up a complete and integrated edge gaming ecosystem. By leveraging TM Global’s Edge Facility and 5G technology, developers and providers are empowered to provide the much-coveted high-quality digital gaming experience with minimal latency.

A strategic partner for the Asean region and global market

TM Global serves a central role in rolling out a carrier-neutral edge ecosystem, propelling the next wave of technologies and applications. TM Global’s expansive network and on-ground expertise stand ready to help businesses unlock the vast potential of edge computing, capturing new growth avenues.

Khairul Liza Ibrahim, TM Global’s vice president of product and marketing, says: “As a trusted wholesale partner to both local and global technology leaders, we not only provide a strategic gateway into the Asean region but also consistently strive to elevate customer experiences, enhance cost-effectiveness, and boost profitability for service providers, content creators, hyperscalers, and OTTs worldwide.”


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