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PropertyBT Podcast: The condo upgrading dilemma

Synopsis: Hosted by senior correspondent Leslie Yee, PropertyBT from The Business Times shares insights on all things Singapore property to help you on your property investment journey. Episodes feature views and insights from property analysts.

Why do people chase the dream of condo ownership? With high private home prices, maybe the dream is an impossible one for many people. Selling an HDB to buy a condo unit may have downsides. Find out whether it is wise to have much of one’s wealth tied up in Singapore homes, and if so in what type of homes here. Senior correspondent Leslie Yee gets insights from Justin Quek, deputy CEO of OrangeTee & Tie.

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Highlights of the podcast:

01:48 Upgrading from HDB to private

07:10 Is a condo dream within reach?

11:00 Concurrent ownership of HDB and private

13:41 Hitching one’s fortunes to Singapore homes

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Written and hosted by: Leslie Yee (

With Justin Quek, deputy CEO of OrangeTee & Tie

Edited by: Claressa Monteiro

Produced and edited by: Janice Tan

Recording engineer: Joann Chai Pei Chieh

Produced by: BT Podcasts, The Business Times, SPH Media

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