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Forum: Increase weight limit of e-bikes to allow for safety items

I am a recent owner of an electric bicycle (e-bike). Before I ventured onto the road, I was concerned about safety so I shopped online for safety-related accessories. There are many such items, like mirror, brake light and turn signal.

These are all inexpensive but they often do not come with a standard e-bike. I think e-bike users should do the responsible thing and acquire some of these items to make it safer for other road users and for themselves.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) should also encourage or mandate the installation of some of these items on e-bikes.

There is currently a 20kg weight limit for an e-bike, which is often devoted to items such as the battery and wheels. LTA could have given an additional, say, 500g for safety accessories as a way to encourage e-bike manufacturers to include them as standard items.

Lim Chiew Sen

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