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Forum: Companies can build digital trust by being upfront and sincere

Confidence in the security and dependability of digital systems and platforms is essential (Where to park my bicycle? The mindset needed to beat scammers, Sept 23).

The reality is that both organisations and consumers should operate on the premise that digital trust is broken. If years-old systems meant to verify the authenticity of users and keep cyber criminals at bay are being breached within an organisation, then customers cannot log in with absolute certainty that their personal information won’t be abused.

In this time of heightened concerns about data security, organisations should focus on building trust and being upfront about how they go about ensuring that their technologies, systems and defences protect users’ interests.

People have a phobia about digital technologies not from fear of using them but more from what organisations are doing to prove and demonstrate that their systems are safe from glitches. Given the news reports on data breaches in banks and personal data stolen from companies, what are the protections in place? Are these being clearly communicated to customers?

Companies must be transparent and forthcoming to win customers’ digital trust. They need to show that client information is well taken care of, be straightforward about how client information is utilised, and assure clients that their data is secure.

There needs to be responsive client care to win confidence – one that shows that people are promptly accessible to address any requests or issues connected with personal information security.

This means, for example, that it is easy to make a phone call and get patched through to a person instead of an affected voice message to say “we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls, your call is important, we will attend to you shortly, please continue to hold”. And it is not uncommon to be put on hold for a long time.

With more intentional service and the human touch, organisations can show their sincerity and commitment to data protection. Providing excellent customer experiences can help corporations better cultivate trust with their users and distinguish themselves as forthright stewards in digital environments.

Desmond Cheng

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