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Forum: Besides financial support, treat low-income workers with dignity

According to the recent Forward Singapore report, more support will be provided to low-income and disadvantaged persons to promote social mobility (Low-income families will be empowered to uplift their lives: Forward SG report, Oct 27).

I am heartened to see a collective will to uplift those who are less well-off, and the acknowledgment of systemic differences that lead to class stratification. However, my hope is that we will go beyond government policies that provide financial support for the less well-off, and treat them with dignity in our everyday interactions.

Many of these low-income workers serve us in our communities, working as cleaners, supermarket attendants and security guards, and are part of our daily lives.

I have seen many Singaporeans treat these workers badly, like they were second-class citizens. Several cases of abuse towards security guards have also made the headlines. 

If we are to truly call ourselves a First World country, we should treat such workers with dignity and respect, beyond merely giving financial support.

Guo Zizai

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