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Forum: 3 steps to avoid falling victim to scams

In a world where technology connects us more than ever, scams have adapted to exploit this connectivity, and the surge in cases is alarming. The scams come in various forms, from deceptive online friendships to fraudulent investment opportunities, and they prey on unsuspecting victims.

To avoid falling victim to these scams, it is crucial to follow three fundamental steps.

The first and most crucial step in safeguarding oneself against scams is to trust one’s instincts. Whenever something seems amiss, be it an unsolicited friend request, a plea for help from a stranger, a request for money, or enticing promises of high-return investments, pause and evaluate the situation.

Scammers often prey on emotions, such as fear, sympathy or greed, to manipulate their victims. Stop to assess the situation, for a chance to recognise the red flags and protect your interests.

Scams thrive in secrecy, so the next step is to break that cycle by reporting the incident to the authorities and involving trusted individuals.

Immediately contact the police or law enforcement agency to report the scam. Simultaneously, confide in family members or friends who can provide valuable support and guidance.

Never navigate the treacherous waters of a scam alone. Together with others, you can assess the legitimacy of the situation, share insights and suspicions. Remember, a second opinion can often reveal the scam for what it is.

Scammers relentlessly pursue one ultimate goal: extracting money or assets from their victims. To thwart their efforts, the third step is to take concrete steps to secure your financial resources.

Engage with official procedures, such as contacting the bank. Bank officers can offer advice on how to protect your assets and potentially recover any losses. Moreover, never disburse any funds until a trusted party has acknowledged or witnessed the transaction. Verifying the legitimacy of the transaction is paramount.

Zulkifli Jalil

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