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Unique flavours and affordable prices: Indonesian brand shakes up S'pore's coffee scene with the Gula Aren Latte

Caffeine lovers will be spoilt for choice with the arrival of a new modern artisanal coffee chain from Indonesia. Fore Coffee is opening its first outlet here on Nov 9.

With its specially curated coffee blends from the heartlands of Aceh, Bali, Toraja, and West Java, the coffee chain with more than 160 stores in Indonesia wants Singaporeans to experience the social joys of Indonesian coffee culture – at budget-friendly prices starting from $4.50. 

Vico Lomar, co-founder and chief executive officer of Fore Coffee, says: “We are committed to transforming the local coffee landscape by bringing in curated and high-quality products with a distinct Indonesian influence.”

High-grade Arabica beans are directly sourced from farmers in Indonesia’s top coffee-producing areas. Indonesian coffee is deep and distinct, courtesy of the archipelago’s unique combination of mineral-rich volcanic soil and tropical climate that allows coffee plants to thrive. Different coffee species are also cultivated across the country, giving rise to unique regional varieties beloved by many. 

“We are confident that the unique flavour profile of our drinks will capture the hearts of a new market of devoted caffeine drinkers who want to savour a better cup of coffee,” says Mr Lomar.

Bringing Indonesian flavours to local palates 

For its debut here, Fore Coffee conducted an in-depth Flavour Group Discussion to skew its menu to suit local preferences. This led to curating 16 products it believes will appeal to Singaporeans’ taste buds, including Indonesia’s best-selling Gula Aren Latte, the Pandan Oat Latte and the Butterscotch Sea Salt Latte.

“Traditional coffee brands typically focus on classic items like Americano or Cappuccino. While these are also part of our core menu, what truly distinguishes Fore Coffee and has driven our success are our signature creations,” says Mr Lomar. 

“Take, for example, our best-selling Gula Aren Latte, made with palm sugar native to Indonesia. Over the past year, we have sold over three million cups of this, signifying our ability to deliver innovative products with an Indonesian flair to a wide segment of coffee drinkers.”

Mindful that Singaporeans may want a healthier coffee-drinking experience, all Fore Coffee orders can be tailored to your liking with different sugar levels and alternative dairy options.

Banking on sustainability and technology 

The company has expanded rapidly since it was founded in 2018. Its CEO hopes this success will translate abroad as well. 

“With our expertise in product development and innovation, our expansion into Singapore serves as a gateway to introduce the world to the delights of Indonesian coffee,” says Mr Lomar. 

The Indonesian firm also has a sustainability-focused business model to cater to customers who want to make conscious choices when buying their coffee.

Fore Coffee’s name comes from the word forest, and it stays true to its brand by not just sustainably sourcing from Indonesian farmers, but also using upcycled materials for its tables and chairs, and eco-friendly packaging for its cups and merchandise, which are procured domestically to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint. 

Mr Lomar says: “Every cup reflects a commitment to excellence and elevating the coffee experience to an art form. Not just through the coffee beans that are meticulously roasted and brewed by our skillful baristas, but also through technology to give customers a seamless experience with more value benefits.”

The technology Fore Coffee is banking on to deliver this service promise is its mobile app, which makes it more convenient for customers to order their coffee without waiting in line. Order your drinks in advance and pick them up, or have them delivered to you at a convenient time.

You can enjoy your first coffee for only $2.99 when ordering through the app. In addition, you’ll receive a 50 per cent discount on your 2nd and 3rd transactions, along with special pricing and loyalty benefits earned through points collected with every transaction.

Find out more about the Indonesia-based brand and its carefully curated elixirs, or visit the store at Bugis Junction, Unit 01-14 to 14A, from 7am to 10pm daily.

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