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Taiwanese singer Selina Jen’s newborn stayed in incubator for a few days due to fluid in his lungs

TAIPEI – Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen is officially a mother.

“Little Cashew is here,” the 41-year-old wrote of her first child on social media on Thursday. “Thank you for allowing mum to have an ‘elegant delivery’.”

The member of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E nicknamed her baby boy “Little Cashew”, as cashew nuts left an impression on her during a trip to Vietnam in late 2022.

She is now dating a man known to the public only as Syu, who is not a celebrity and is seven years younger than her.

“You gave mum a scare due to fluid in your lungs,” Jen said of her newborn. “You stayed in the incubator for a few days before the tubes were finally taken out of your body.”

She posted three photos on social media, including one of her holding her bundle of joy.

“Your little hands seemed to be showing the ‘OK’ sign, as if the needle pricks and bruises are your brave achievements,” she wrote.

She added in amusement that her son urinated on his father.

“Everything is fine as long as you are healthy,” she wrote. “Let’s write a story full of love and courage together.”

Jen’s manager declined to tell Taiwan’s Next Apple News when she gave birth, saying only that she is now in confinement. The manager also told Taiwanese media that Jen’s S.H.E bandmates, Ella Chen and Hebe Tien, accompanied her during the delivery and were very moved when the baby was born.

Jen had said via her podcast posted on Weibo on Monday that it would be her final episode before giving birth.

She said then that she hoped to have a natural birth, but was concerned as her baby’s head circumference was almost 10cm and his weight was almost 3kg and he was still growing.

She also regarded an “elegant delivery” as her goal, even reminding her partner to apply lipstick for her when the time came, so she could welcome the arrival of their son in a beautiful state.

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