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Wives of 10 arrested in money laundering case among suspects linked to probe

SINGAPORE – Investigators are having a closer look at the people linked to the foreigners arrested here in a money laundering probe, with the police digging into assets they own and businesses they are involved in.

The Ministry of Law had sent a notice on Aug 27 to dealers of precious metals and stones to check against their records for possible suspicious transactions by these 24 individuals.

In a subsequent hearing in court, the prosecution revealed that the suspects include wives and relatives of the 10 accused.

1. Su Yongcan

He is a shareholder of Craft Digital, a company located at Millenia Tower in Singapore.

Su Yongcan’s registered address is at South Beach Residences, the same condominium estate as Wu Shuiying, who is also listed as an associate of the 10 accused.

Su Yongcan is a member of the Sentosa Golf Club, where a few others in the alleged network, including Su Haijin and Su Baolin, are members. Su Haijin and Su Baolin were arrested on Aug 15 in the probe.

Su Yongcan is wanted by the Chinese authorities for his involvement in a gambling gang uncovered in 2017. Su Jianfeng, Su Wenqiang and Wang Dehai – who are among the 10 charged here – were allegedly part of the same gang.

2. Wang Shuiting

Wang Shuiting’s brother is Vang Shuiming, also known as Wang Shuiming, another one of the 10 accused.

Wang Shuiting, who is also a member of the Sentosa Golf Club, is wanted by the Chinese authorities for his involvement in the Heng Bo Bao Wang gambling syndicate, which was uncovered in 2022.

His brother, Shuiming, is also wanted in China, allegedly for the same reason.

3. Wang Ruiyan

Wang Ruiyan is married to Vang Shuiming. Her registered address is 7B Bishopsgate, the same residence where her husband was arrested on Aug 15.

She is the director of two companies in Singapore, Ming Huang Investments and Ming Huang Management.

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4. Wu Qin

Wu Qin married Su Haijin on Valentine’s Day in 2019. Company records showed her address as 16 Ewart Park, the residence from which her husband jumped, allegedly trying to flee during the police raid.

She holds director roles in two companies here: Hirohisa Vending and Culbert Management. J.J., a man who The Straits Times reported was director or secretary of 185 companies in Singapore, is the secretary of Hirohisa Vending.

5. Ma Ning

Ma Ning is Su Baolin’s wife. Almost $100 million worth of assets, including $57 million worth of properties, $33.6 million in bank accounts and $4.9 million worth of vehicles, belonging to Su Baolin and Ma Ning were taken control of by the authorities. Ma Ning lives in Gramercy Park, a condominium in Grange Road, the registered address of Su Haijin.

6. Chen Qiuyan

Chen Qiuyan’s registered address is a unit at 8 Saint Thomas, a condominium in River Valley, where Su Jianfeng lived. Chen Qiuyan is the director of two companies here: Qingfeng Assets and Qingfeng Investment.

7. Wang Qiujiao

Wang Qiujiao is the director of two companies in Singapore: King Shine Capital and King Shine Consulting. Wang Qiujiao’s registered address is a condominium unit at New Futura, the same unit that Chen Qingyuan bought in 2018 for $10.2 million, according to The Business Times. King Shine Capital is also a shareholder in Pinkee, where Chen Qingyuan, who was arrested in the raid in Singapore, is director.

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8. Su Caihuang

Su Caihuang lives in the same unit at The Marq on Paterson Hill that Wang Dehai allegedly bought using $23 million of benefits from his criminal conduct. Su Caihuang is the director of two companies in Singapore: Horizon Win and Horizon Win Management. 

9. He Huifang

He Huifang is the wife of Wang Baosen, who faces two money laundering charges here. She owns Hui Xia Technology Investment, which was set up so she could get an employment pass in Singapore.

Assets worth more than $18 million have been seized or subjected to prohibition of disposal orders, including a black Toyota Alphard worth $284,000, more than $3.3 million in four bank accounts and one property worth $14.76 million. These assets were owned by Wang Baosen, his wife and Hui Xia Technology Investment.

He Huifang’s registered address is a condo in Tomlinson Road. The police said Wang Baosen was arrested on Aug 15 at his residence in Tomlinson Road.

10. Su Lihong

Su Lihong is the director of two companies in Singapore: Lihong Investment Management and Lihong Investment. Su Lihong’s registered residence is 40 Belmont Road, according to Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority records.

The other associates are:

Su Yanping
Chen Lingling
Chen Qingqing
Wang Liyun
Su Jianhua
Wu Shuiying
Wu Bihua
Chen Qiuxiang
Wang Huoqiang
Chen Mulin
Liu Jiarong
Chen Peiyong
Chen Zhiqiang
Wang Bingang

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