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ST HeadSTart: Are negative employer reviews a dealbreaker? | Mental health a growing priority for some employers

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Whether you are applying for a job or being recruited, chances are you have looked up online reviews of your potential employer. More often than not, these reviews consist of unhappy job experiences shared by former employees. How reliable are these reviews? Those with grievances are more likely to leave reviews than people who enjoyed their time at the company, found reporter Tay Hong Yi in his latest AskST Jobs column. 

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At your next job interview, why not ask about the mental health benefits that your potential employer offers? Mental health is a growing priority for employers, correspondent Cheow Sue-Ann has found. Some of the benefits offered by employers now include corporate insurance coverage for mental health, while others even offer life coaching services.

However, mental health discrimination at work remains a problem that companies have to tackle, reports assistant business editor Joanna Seow. A therapist she spoke to shared anecdotes about how her clients faced questions about their ability to handle stress, despite performing well at work.

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Companies in S’pore expanding mental health and wellness benefits for employees

Companies looking to prioritise employee welfare are increasingly recognising that mental health and physical health are perhaps not so different from each other.


Training, adjusting workplace culture can help tackle mental health discrimination at work: Experts

A therapist said a common misconception is that mental health is linked to poorer job performance.


askST Jobs: Should you accept a job offer from an employer with bad reviews online?

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How completing a triathlon in my 40s helped me shape my retirement plan

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Me & My Money: Investing a must, with gold a hedge against market uncertainty

It is not possible to rely solely on employment income, making investing as necessary as going to the dentist, said finance executive Shaokai Fan.


Investors still eyeing SSBs, T-bills and fixed deposits as rates yet to fall

Deciding on which to invest in depends on investor’s financial goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, says SingCapital’s Mr Alfred Chia.


Atome, ShopBack on track to get ‘buy now, pay later’ accreditation in S’pore by early next year

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More women on governing boards in S’pore, but progress slower in listed companies

At present, only 9 per cent of boards at top 100 companies are chaired by women.


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