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Capital guaranteed and yearly cash payouts from the end of the premium term: Stress-free way to grow your wealth

Against the backdrop of rising costs of living and longer life expectancy, it can be stressful trying to strike a balance between competing financial priorities of meeting today’s needs and saving for future expenses.

No matter your stage of life – be it funding a house or saving for your child’s university fees, balancing present needs while planning for the future can be a complex task.

To maximise the growth of savings on hand, some turn to investment options such as equities and bonds. Those less familiar with the intricacies of the financial market may sometimes choose to follow trends and recommendations from friends and family, often making impulsive decisions with their hard-earned money. 

It is essential to tread cautiously as statistics reveal a sobering reality. According to an article by the Financial Times, a staggering 70 per cent of do-it-yourself investors end up losing money. Even the savviest and most experienced investors face formidable challenges in the market, what more the typical salaryman. 

How can you make your money work harder for you? Is there a more prudent approach to building your retirement fund?

Growing wealth with insurance savings plans

For the risk-averse, insurance savings plans are perhaps a prudent alternative to grow your savings slowly while providing a safety net for your future.

One such plan, Income Insurance’s Gro Cash Sure, assures minimal risk for the policyholders. With the capital guaranteed1 upon the end of the premium term, policyholders can rest assured that their principal amount remains theirs – as long as the policy is not cashed in prematurely and all premiums are paid for.

In addition, Income Insurance’s Gro Cash Sure offers yearly cash payouts2, which start from the end of a five-year or 10-year premium term and continue until the insured reaches the age of 120. These cash payouts are guaranteed at 2 per cent of the sum assured, and can go as high as 9.9 per cent2 of the sum assured, depending on the non-guaranteed cash bonuses given out. 
These regular disbursements can provide a steady stream of income to supplement your lifestyle expenses before and during retirement, enhancing financial stability over the long haul.

These payouts could potentially serve as a financial lifeline during unexpected emergencies. Knowing that there is this source of additional funds can significantly reduce your feelings of uncertainty and anxiety about the future, offering you a sense of stability and security.

With the regular payouts, you can supplement your income to cope with the rising living expenses, fund annual travel trips or even finance part of the down payment of a new car. Alternatively, you can also choose to accumulate the payouts and let the money grow, making use of the compounding effect of money as well as additional cash and loyalty bonuses to further grow your funds with Income Insurance. 

In addition to returns on the sum assured from the insurance savings plan, policyholders of Income Insurance’s Gro Cash Sure also enjoy additional benefits such as insurance coverage3. 

To safeguard the insured of the policy against unfortunate events like death and terminal illness, Income Insurance’s Gro Cash Sure comes with insurance coverage3 of 105 per cent of all net premiums paid (excluding riders) or the guaranteed cash value, whichever is higher. A one-time terminal bonus would also be paid out to help alleviate the financial strain in such unfortunate circumstances.

More importantly, acceptance is guaranteed for all applicants, regardless of medical history. Without the need for medical check-ups, this inclusive application process is not only hassle-free, but also benefits those who may not have been able to find insurance elsewhere due to their pre-existing medical conditions. These applicants will receive the same coverage and payouts as others.

Looking after your loved ones

Individuals interested in leaving a legacy for their child may consider appointing them as a secondary insured4 so that the policy can continue in the event of the death of the insured.

In an increasingly uncertain future, it is essential to select financial options that best suit your risk appetite and needs. Opting for more prudent options that guarantee the preservation of your invested capital can be a big step toward alleviating anxiety about an unpredictable future.

Grow your wealth with Income Insurance

From now till Dec 15, get 6 per cent cashback on your first-year premium when you sign up for Gro Cash Sure. Promotions terms and conditions apply.

Learn more about how you can safeguard your future.



1 At the end of the premium term, if the policyholder did not cash in this policy and all premiums for this policy have been paid for, the guaranteed cash value for this policy is equal to total premiums paid, excluding premiums paid on riders. If the policyholder chooses to cash in this policy partially, the sum assured after the partial cash payout cannot be less than the minimum sum assured limit or any other amount Income may tell the policyholder about. Income will use the new sum assured and reduced regular premium amount excluding premiums paid on riders to work out the guaranteed cash value (if any) from the policy entry date.
2 If the insured survives at the end of the premium term, and if all premiums for this policy have been paid for, Income will start paying the cash benefit at the end of the premium term. Income may pay a cash bonus on top of each cash benefit, by applying a bonus rate to the sum assured, and may include any loyalty bonus payable from the end of 20th policy year after the end of premium term. Income may or may not pay this cash bonus for each policy year. Each yearly cash benefit is 2 per cent of the sum assured and the non-guaranteed cash bonus without loyalty bonus is 7.3 per cent of your sum assured and with loyalty bonus is 7.9 per cent of your sum assured (based on the assumption that the Life Participating Fund earns a long-term average return of 4.25 per cent per annum). At an illustrated investment rate of return of 3.00 per cent per annum, the non-guaranteed cash bonus without loyalty bonus is 4 per cent of your sum assured and with loyalty bonus is 4.35 per cent of your sum assured. If the sum assured of the policy is at least $80,000, the yearly cash payouts can be received in monthly payments. Please refer to the policy contract for further details.
3 If the insured becomes terminally ill or dies during the term of this policy, Income will pay the sum of:
a. The higher of:
– 105 per cent of all net premium(s) paid excluding premiums paid on riders; or 
– the guaranteed portion of the cash value, 
b. a terminal bonus. 
Income will pay the cash value if it is higher than the sum calculated above and any cash benefits and cash bonuses which have built up, including any interest earned until then. The policy terminates thereafter.
4 Only you as the policyholder (before the age of 65 years old), your spouse (before the age of 65 years old), or your child/ward (before the age of 18 years old) can be the secondary insured at the time you exercise this option. You can exercise this option to appoint a secondary insured no more than three times. Terms apply for the benefit. Please refer to the policy contract for further details
This is for general information only. You can find the usual terms, conditions and exclusions of this plan at All our products are developed to benefit our customers but not all may be suitable for your specific needs. If you are unsure if this plan is suitable for you, we strongly encourage you to speak to a qualified insurance advisor. Otherwise, you may end up buying a plan that does not meet your expectations or needs. As a result, you may not be able to afford the premiums or get the insurance protection you want. Buying a life insurance plan is a long-term commitment on your part. If you cancel your plan prematurely, the cash value you receive may be zero or less than the premiums you have paid for the plan.
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This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact Income or visit the GIA/LIA or SDIC websites ( or or
Information is correct as at Nov 1, 2023.

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