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Man in Australia dies from snake bites after uncoiling snake from friend’s leg

He had rescued his friend by uncoiling a snake from his leg in northern Queesland, Australia.

But the 69-year-old man died after he was bitten multiple times while removing the snake, according to news reports on Sunday.

His friend, a 65-year-old man, was also bitten, reported ABC News on Sunday. Both men were not named in the reports.

It is not clear how the incident happened on Saturday when the men were attending the Koumala State School 100-year celebrations, reported ABC News.

They were later treated by the Queensland Ambulance Service in Koumala, a town 60km south of Mackay.

One of them was in cardiac arrest when paramedics arrived at the scene, reported The Guardian on Sunday. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him for at least 30 minutes, reported ABC News.

The paramedics were en route with anti-venom when the man “tragically died,” said Queensland Ambulance Service acting deputy commissioner for operations south Claire Bertenshaw in a report by on Sunday.

“The snake was around his friend’s leg and he was helping to remove that snake,” said Dr Bertenshaw, reported ABC News.

“Despite heroic measures by both the bystanders and the Queensland Ambulance Service, he was unfortunately unable to be revived.”

Dr Bertenshaw said in the ABC News report that it is not known what type of snake was involved in the incident. However, the man’s symptoms pointed to a highly venomous eastern brown snake, she added.

The friend was airlifted to a hospital, reported ABC News, adding that he was discharged on Sunday morning.

Dr Bertenshaw said that anyone bitten by a snake should try to limit the amount of venom, if any, moving around the body.

“You need to lie down, stay still as possible, call for help as quickly as possible,” she added.

Dr Bertenshaw also added that those who have been bitten should try to stay as calm as possible.

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In the ABC News report, Queensland Environment Minister Leanne Linard said the man’s death was an “incredible tragedy”.

“My thoughts are with that gentleman’s family and friends,” she said.

The police are conducting a toxicology test and preparing a report for the coroner, reported ABC News.

Queensland is home to about 78 species of venomous snakes, reported on Sunday, adding that 12 are considered “potentially dangerous” by the Queensland Government.

There are seven venomous snake species found in central Queensland, reported the Guardian. This includes the highly venomous eastern brown snake and the coastal taipan.

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