What Country Has The Most Covid Deaths?

COVID-19 started in China but spread to a lot of countries worldwide. There were some countries where the virus was spreading in a more intense way while there were other countries where the intensity of the virus was lesser. The number of deaths rapidly increased especially in those countries where the virus couldn’t be controlled. The data from the world-o-meter gives us an idea about which country has the highest number of Covid deaths. If you are interested to know more about it you can read the informative article here.

Coronavirus World Map: USA remains to be the only country with the highest COVID deaths

COVID-19 is surely very deadly but it has been the USA that has seen the highest level of a death rate. The total number of coronavirus cases in the USA is 7,376,177 while the total coronavirus deaths are very high at 210,140. Brazil is the second country that has seen the highest level of death rates at 141,776. India is next one catching up as not only the number of cases but the number of death has also been on the rise. The total coronavirus cases have already reached 6,193,966 and the death rate is 96,854 as of now. There are at least 20 countries where the numbers of cases, as well as death rates, are very high.

COVID 19 has spread all over the world and it seems the life of every person is at a halt. Fortunately, there are some countries like South Korea, Newzealand, Thailand, and Singapore where the cases have become very slow and the death rate is quite low too. World Health Organization has been trying hard to give ideas and strategies to every country so they can come out of this tough situation. It seems that the good strategies have helped few countries come out of this disaster and the countries that are lagging behind must see to it. There seems to be no way out for the USA as the case of coronavirus doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon.

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The death rate of countries around the world

It is quite obvious that larger countries will have a high number of cases. The differences in testing strategies have made few countries win against this threat. There are many other factors that come into play. Some countries have a high number of elderly people so the death rates are relatively higher while some may have completely different because of the demographic profiles of the countries. There is no denying that COVID-19 intensity was very cruel in countries like the USA, Brazil, India, Mexico, and the UK. In Russia, the death rate is very high as the statistics show that it is 20,545 but as compared to the death rate their survival rate is much higher.

Although the number of cases in Spain was as high as 748,266 the death rate in their country was restricted to 31,411. Mexico has seen round about the same number of cases as Russia as their statistics stand at 733,717 but their death rate has been relatively higher at 76,603. The number of deaths in South Africa is lower as they stand at 16,586. Many countries in Europe were hit hard by the virus but the death per capita remained low. The death rate in France is only 31,808 and in countries like Chile, the total cases of death were only 12,725.