Is Flying Safe During Coronavirus?

Everyone loves to travel but due to coronavirus many people have either delayed or canceled their trip altogether. The tourism industry is also facing a high level of losses due to the pandemic. There are some countries like the USA and India where the spread of coronavirus continues and it doesn’t seem like it will end soon. There are many countries that have banned the entry of USA citizens. Some states are opening up already and people are hoping they can start traveling sooner than expected.

Air travel may seem to be like a risky task for now as you have to interact with a lot of people you don’t even know. Many are hoping to start it slow keeping in mind the restrictions. Few travelers plan to book their private cars or take regional road trips where they can feel safe. Now we will discuss is it safe flying during Coronavirus?

What are the risks of flying during the Coronavirus?

You have to understand that most of the air travel flight through private terminals. It requires booking a flight along with a full and active experience at the airport. That will also mean that you have to stand in long lines among huge crowds. When so many people from different countries and backgrounds have to interact there are high chances that you may catch the virus. We also cannot be sure if all the people are adopting safety restrictions and following the social distancing rules.

Airport authorities are trying their best to keep everyone at a distance and the airplanes are using sanitizer frequently to clean the air inside the plane. Even though all these things are controlled in one way or the other but as a traveler, you are traveling with many people in a confined place.

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What precautions should you take before flying?

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As we already know the virus spreads when two or many people come in contact with each other. You can bring your own wipe, sanitizer, and mask to stay safe. Wiping off your belongings by using a wipe will keep the germs away and it will be best if you can sanitize the seats and armrests. Staying away from people who seem visibly sick will be a good precaution while you also need to wash your hands frequently. If you have got side walls around the seats or sitting beside the window using a sanitizer becomes even more important.

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What efforts are airlines making to make traveling safe?

Airports are working hard to keep the passengers away from all the germs of this virus. Passengers are asked to wear masks and keep their sanitizers for disinfecting the areas around them. There are many airports like Heathrow Airport and San Juan Airport who are checking the temperature of the passengers before they board the flight. One of the most important things is that all the passengers need to have a negative coronavirus test or else they won’t be allowed to board in the flight.

For keeping the social distancing rules intact each flight may keep a few passengers in a flight so they can remain distant from each other. The seating configurations, airflow, and filtration system will help the traveler stay away from catching the virus. With all this hard work the transmission of viruses from one person to the other will be very low. It is totally up to you if you want to travel or wait for some time to let the virus go away.

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